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In the modern life styles, netting is used for many purposes, some of which are domestic while others are commercial or industrial. These netting are made with different materials which very according to their usages. If nettings are to be applied for the domestic purposes, the thin and soft material but for the commercial or the industrial usages, the exceptionally strong and heavy duty nettings are used.

One major usage of the netting for sale is for the construction industry. As during the construction process, any types of debris fall upon the workers and general public, the mesh netting, made with the UV polyethylene monofilaments are used. This is a very type of the netting which is vastly used for the purpose. In some of the cases, the usage of the debris netting is required, legally, for the protection of the workers and general public. Sports netting is a hot popular source to part and divide the sports grounds into different parts so that different teams can play in different parts at the same time or different games can be played. On the other hand, large net is in use to work as the skip net, i.e. to stop and save the different types of the material from the fast moving truck or other vehicle.

A hot popular usage of the netting is for the gardening where the nettings are used for the protection of the seeds from the birds. On the other hand, the fishing net material for sale at our place are used for the the fishing purposes in the streams, rivers or the even the oceans.