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Cotton Canvas Dust Sheets

Cotton canvas dust sheets are a popular type of the dust sheets which are used for the variety of the purposes. The heavy duty cotton canvas is woven in the diagonal design with the very thick cotton thread. The thick cotton thread converts these canvas cotton dust sheets into the heavy weight dust sheets which is more than 3.5 Kg per square meter. This is made in the traditional cream color of the off-white color. The cotton canvas dust sheets are made with the cotton stuff which is washable, reusable for the very long time and are very good absorbent of the moisture.

Cotton canvas dust sheets used to cover the domestic furniture, the precious electrical equipment & gadgets, the small domestic & commercial do it yourself projects. In some cases, these canvas dust sheets are also used for the covering of the high-priced cars and vehicles as the dust sheets and absorbent of the moisture. In the winter season, these canvas sheets are used to protect the plants from the frost.

In some of the places, the cotton canvas dust sheets UK are used as the carpets to protect the floors from the scratches, dust and dirt. In the commercial places, the canvas dust sheets are sued to protect the market stalls and the goods displayed for sale from the dust and dirt. Being a thick cotton made nature, the canvas sheets can also be used as tarpaulins to protect from the rain fall in case of emergency when no other protection systems is not available.


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