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Dust Sheets

In the dusty regions and the dusty environments are the need for the dust sheets increases many folds. The dust sheets are used to protect the domestic & commercial furniture, the high-cost gadgets & equipment, the cars, the DIYs, the high-priced machinery and many such things. The dust sheets are, normally, made with the organic cotton threads which are washable, absorbent of moisture and the durable which makes them reusable again and again for long periods.

 Waterproof dust sheets are made with the special chemical treatment to convert them into waterproof. The heavy duty dust sheets, made with thick cotton threads are heavy in weight as well which are used with thick and weighty cotton threads. When the heavy weight cotton dust sheets for sale are given the due UV stabilized chemical treatment, they are converted into the waterproof dust sheets. The laminated dust sheets are made with the chemical treatment to apply one thick layer to make them water resistant and to stop the seepage of water and moisture.

In addition to the normal heavy weight dust sheets, cotton canvas dust sheets are widely applied in the modern life style. These are made with the extra thick cotton thread which is tightly woven and is used not only for the simple coverage but also as tarp in emergency when there is no regular tarp is available. The canvas cotton dust sheets are also used for the shelters in the camping sites for the picnic parties and for the workers who are working in the remote areas where no regular accommodations are available for the residence of the workers.