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Cricket Covers

The cricket game has become a globally popular game which is a game of weather. Unlike the other games, the weather directly affects the cricket, its wickets, its pitch, the run rate and the bowling speed; all are affected by the weather. If the cricket wicket is damaged by the rain water of the most due to rain, whole the game is damaged. In this situation, the cricket covers there to protect the game by saving the cricket wickets and pitch.

Cricket covers have assumed pivotal position in the game of cricket as the saver of the game. These are made with the heavy duty water proof, water resistant and moisture resistant materials and can control the level of moisture in the wicket and pitch. The cricket pitch covers are made the thick UV stabilized water resisting cotton yarn which is given the chemical treatment to make it more waterproof. The cricket covers for sale are not wax treated as was done, traditionally, but they are, now, given chemical treatment.

New trend in the manufacturing of the cricket covers UK is to use the UV PVC plastic. The cricket covers made with the hard, tough and perfect waterproof material which is made with the UV PVC plastic. As this PVC plastic wicket cover is heavy in weight, it is built with frame below it and the wheel are fitted under the frame. Unlike the cricket covers, made with sheet tarpaulin, the PVC plastic covers are easy to handle and even a single person can drag this PVC wicket cover over the wicket, alone.