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Shock Cord with Toggle

The customers who purchase tarpaulin, usually purchase the necessary accessories to fasten the tarpaulin with the fixed point. There are many types of the accessories, available at our place for sale, but among the many popular are shock cord with toggle. These shock cord with toggle ties are used to tie down the scaffold sheets and the tarpaulins. The shock cord, used with the toggle is made with elastic and stretchable strands which are combed together in a shape of rope which is wrapped with the fabric or the polypropylene plastic. Normally 30cm long shock cord has the elasticity to stretch up to 40CM when fully stretched.

The toggle used with the shock cord with Toggle ties is made in a round shape which is easier to fit tarpaulin eyelets. The shock cord for sale at our place is a two part reusable swivel fittings. These toggles are made in order to fix together when the tarpaulin is to fasten together. These high quality toggles are made with the very high quality metal or the hard unbreakable PVC plastic.

This the quality of the toggle and shock cord which are which serve the purpose to protect the place from the rain fall. If the toggles are not made with the good, strong and durable quality material, the toggle may not fasten the tarpaulin at the place. The shock cord with toggle, available at our place for sale, re made for the high quality usage. The quality is our main ingredient which is not bargained at any cost. It is our quality of the goods and products which makes us popular among whole the United Kingdom market.


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