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Shock Cord with Hooks

The shock cord is made with the special type of the cord which is made with the elastic and flexible thread of very small diameter. Then many threads are combined together and wrapped in sets and covered with the stretchable fabric or UV polypropylene plastic. There are many types of the accessories which are used to pix the tarpaulin upon the place, firmly and tightly. Shock Cord with Hooks are one type of accessories which are high in demand as they are made for the convenience to tie the tarpaulin, directly, with the tarpaulin. These are hooks are also popular to work as the luggage racks, to tie down with the surf boards, canoes and luggage placed upon the moving vehicle.

The shock cord with hooks are made with the hooks upon both the sides of the shock cord for sale at our place. The shock cord is made with UV stabilized colored material which is abrasion-resistant and which is fitted with the hooks upon both the sides. These hooks are made with the very strong and hard blue or black steel which is further galvanized to protect them from the rusting and the oxidation. For the further quality and durability, the hooks are plastic coated in order to provide ease in the strong grip.

The customers who purchase the tarpaulin also buy shock cord with hooks as these hooks are made in the design to provide the immediate and easy grip upon the tarpaulin. The hooks are easier to use as they can be used single handedly and in the shortest possible time in the urgent rain fall.    


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