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Shock Cord Fixings

When the quality of the tarpaulins is discussed, the quality alone is discussed but the accessories are also discussed. The accessories are important and inseparable part of the protection plan as if the very good quality of the tarpaulin is purchased but if the accessories to held and fasten it upon the place or vehicle is not of good quality, the tarp will not achieve the purpose. There are many types of the accessories to fasten the tarp at the place, tightly and strongly, but shock cord fixings are important. The shock cord fittings are made with the design to held the shock cord, the sides of the shock cord or the loop between the shock cord with ease with the help of the shock cord fittings.

Actually, the shock cord with fittings are made to strengthen the already available accessories system to fasten the tarps at the place. When the tarps are fixed upon any required place with any type of the fixing, the loose parts of the tarps may leave the space for the rain fall water to fall enter. At these corners or sides of the tarpaulins, the Shock Cord Fixings are used to further stretch the shock cord to increase the tight grip to the specified applications. 

Basically, made for the bungee, the fixings are made with the very strong material to sustain the heavy load upon it. The shock cord fixings UK are kooks which can pass through the 20cm eyelets are made black and silver colors are made with the very strong blue or black steel which is galvanized to protect them from the rusting or oxidation. The actual strength of the shock cord fixings is in their quality which is main strength of our products, available at our place for sale. We don’ bargain at quality which is our main ingredient. 


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