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Shock Cord - 50m Reels

Due to the specific elastic nature of the shock cords, the shock cords occupy the pivotal position in the accessories which are used to fasten the tarpaulins upon the place or the vehicles. The usage of the shock cords depends upon the size of the tarpaulin. If you have purchased bigger sized tarp, the more accessories and shock cords are required for their fixation upon the place. Otherwise, you may need shorter length of the shock cords.

Typically, the shock cords are sold at our place wrapped upon the reels of different sizes or in shape of the hanks. The shock cord 50m reels, are available at our place are used to wrap around the shock cord if you need the shock cord in lesser lengths. The shock cord 50m reels can wrap the shock cord of 50 meter. If you want more shock cord for the fastening of the shock cord upon the place, the 100 meter reel is also available.

As the shock cord is the necessity which used again and again over the life span of the tarpaulin, the mechanism to protect its reusability is important which makes the shock cord 50m reels for sale important. The shock cord reels are made with the very strong and durable UV polypropylene plastic which is hard enough to sustain the rough usage. The reels are made in different colors and sizes with their inner is made with solid rubber which is also UV protected. If you want the 3mm x 50m shock cord, this is not available in reels but are sold at our place in hanks. Due to the heavy usage of the reels, again and again, the reels are made with high quality materials and technology. Like our other products at sale at our place, the shock cord reels are known around the United Kingdom for the high quality.    


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