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Ball Bungees - 20cm

Typically, the quality of the tarps is measured with the quality of the stuff with which the tarp is made. But, in fact, the quality of the tarps depends, largely, upon the accessories with which the tarps are fixed upon the required place. There are lot of accessories which are used to fix the tarp at the place on very important is ball bungees 20cm.

The ball bungees 20cm is a method of fixing tarpaulin at the required position so that it may serve the purpose of protecting the place from the rain fall or other natural hazards. The Ball Bungees 20cm for sale attached with the shock cord which is 20cmlong and is stretchable. The Ball Bungees 20cm UK is made in black and while colors. They are required to be fed through the eyelet, fitted at all the sides of the tarpaulins are elasticated loop through so that ball is fitted warmly and perfectly against the eyelet. Then the loop is attached to a fixed position or point to fix the tarpaulin.

These high quality and heavy duty black ball bungees 20cm are made with the stretchable material which is stretchable to 40cm when are stretched fully. These ball bungees are attached to the both sides of the shock cord. These high quality ball bungees 20cm are sold in the different quantities and are packed in the poly bags. These high quality accessories are then fixed upon the fixed points to stop the work for which are made, that is, to fasten the tarpaulin at the place in the perfect place to save the place, the luggage or the moving vehicle from the water, from the speedy wind or so on.  

  1. High Quality Heavy Duty Black Ball Bungees 20cm

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