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Bungee Cord

Bungee cords, as the name suggests, are the ones which are made with the aim to provide support to the tarpaulins and other type of cords while also providing you the ability to keep the items in place. These bungee cords are made in such a way that they not only help keep the objects in place but, also used to obtain elasticity to make sure that the cords won’t snap when they are stretched.

The bungee hooks are made from very special kind of items where the shock cords are usually made from elastic materials to enable them to come back to their original place when they are stretched to a certain limit. The bungee hooks have special metal hooks which make them easy to be attached to the objects.The elastic shock cords are mostly used by the people to hand the items at places where the air and other things are expected to drift away.

We also offer the black bungee cord which is made from special kind of plastic materials which costs very less and is preferred by people who want to attach items to different things while minimizing the cost. You can choose to have the bungee cords supplied to your desired location in the United Kingdom where we ensure that the best quality shock cords are supplied.