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Snap 'n' Tap Eyelets

If you are willing to have more and firm grip upon the tarpaulin, what you need additional eyelets upon the sides of the tarpaulins or in the corners of the tarp. The more tarps at the lesser intervals provide the better and secure fastening of the tarp. The snap 'n' tap eyelets are part of the accessories which are available for sale at our place. These snap n tap eyelets are used to provide the extra and firm grip of the tarps by spreading the load upon more eyelets and points of the tarp. This process not only provides good protection but also prolongs the life span of the tarpaulins.

The tap eyelets, available at our place for sale in 12mm and 20mm diameter and in various colors. For the extra strength, these tap eyelets UK are made with very hard and stabilized UV protected polycarbonate. It is easier to fit these eyelets into the tarps; just make a hole of required size at the place where it is required. Fit the male size in the hole, put washer at the place and then insert the female part on the other side. Now, fix them using the bond and then fix it with the help of the mallet or hammer. That’s all and an additional eyelet is added in the tarp.

Buy snap n tap eyelets at our place and change or replace the broken eyelets in the tarpaulins. As against the already fitted eyelets, the additional eyelets may not work as desired. So, these must be used with additional accessories to protect and place the tarps at the desired place. The eyelets available are made with high quality material and with good technology. So, eyelets available at our place are known around the United Kingdom for the high quality.     

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