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Shock Cord

The tarpaulins cannot provide the required level and standard of the protection even with the very high quality tarpaulins. To get the maximum protection from the tarpaulins, the design and the structure along with the fixture play the role. The extra protection, provided by the tarpaulin, is enhanced when the right type of the accessories is used to fasten the tarps at the required place and the vehicles. The fastening of the tarps is normally made with the help of the shock cord. The shock cords play the pivotal role in the fastening of the tarps at the right place.

The shock cord is made with the elasticated strand which is stretchable to the given extent. Many threads of the elasticated strand are tied together in the shape of the rope is wrapped with the stretchable fabric or the polypropylene plastic. The shock cord is made in the different colors, lengths and the diameters. The shock cords are made the material which provides the excellent resistance to the abrasion. Elastic shock cord is available at our place for sale in the different lengths are diameter sizes and are available in shock cord reel.

If the lesser length of the shock cord is required, the shock cord is provided in the shock cord hank. the 20 meter length of the shock cord is sold in hanks while the 50 meter or more shock cord is sold on the reels. The shock cords are used to fasten and unfasten the tarps, quickly, and are kinder upon the eyelets. All the products, available at our place for sale, are known around whole the United Kingdom market for the high quality. The quality is our main ingredient which is not bargained at any cost or the price. 


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