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Hessian Roll

The hessian roll is made with the jute waste and is made in the rolls in order to be used conveniently and comfortably. The this are comparatively lighter in weight are in the range of 200 grams per square meter and are also called jute and sometimes is also called burlap. The roll of hessian is popular for usage particularly in the construction industry. Due to its versatile and breathable nature, roll of hessian is widely applied in the construction industry.

As it provides slow dryness and resistance to outside weather, construction industry buy hessian roll in order to provide the necessary carbonation process of take place. Its most common usage is in the building industry where it is used to protect the mortar, fresh ferro-concrete mortar, and brick work from the winter time frost, snow or extreme chilly weather conditions where is saves the wet cement related work from cracking under the below normal temperature. In these weather conditions, the hessian roll provides the relative temperature control.

In the hot summers, the roll of hessian fabric stops the heat of the sun from reaching to the brick work or the mortar, allowing the mortar and the ferro-concrete to dry down slowing allows the carbonation process to take place. The hessian rolls are also used for the decoration purposes. In the gardening and horticulture, the roll of hessian fabric helps to stop the process of erosion and helps to retain the fertility of the soil. They are also used to protect the plantation form the excessive heat or the extremely low temperature. These rolls are available in different sizes and thickness. In the construction industry, the heavy duty hessian rolls are used while to protect the plantation, the comparatively soft and less thick rolls are in use.

  1. Eco Friendly High Quality Natural Hessian Roll 200gsm

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  2. High Quality Natural Hessian Roll 200gsm

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